Bordeaux Visiotour

Explore the Bordeaux of yesterday and of tomorrow in 360°!

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Monday 20-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Monday 20-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Monday 20-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Monday 20-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Tuesday 21-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Tuesday 21-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Tuesday 21-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Tuesday 21-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Wednesday 22-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Wednesday 22-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Wednesday 22-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Wednesday 22-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Thursday 23-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Thursday 23-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Thursday 23-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Thursday 23-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Friday 24-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Friday 24-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Friday 24-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Friday 24-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Samedi 25-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Samedi 25-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Samedi 25-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Samedi 25-09-202116H00 to 17H10
Sunday 26-09-202110H30 to 11H40
Sunday 26-09-202112H00 to 13H10
Sunday 26-09-202114H30 to 15H40
Sunday 26-09-202116H00 to 17H10

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Prices Quantity
Tarif plein (14,00€)
Tarif réduit : demandeur emploi, pers. handicapée, étudiant, groupe 20 pers. (12,00€)
Enfant 5-12 ans (5,00€)
Enfant 0-4 ans (0,00€)
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From four meters high on the upper level, you can enjoy an exceptional view of both Garonne riverbanks, the historic city and its emblematic monuments: more than 25 must-see sights -including the lift bridge Chaban-Delmas and the ‘Cité du Vin’, narrated passionately by a local art historian. One free small canelé by Baillardran included after the tour.
Individual earphones provided – Special commentary for kids – Air-conditioned lower level.

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